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Sales Media

Listing your horse?  That's just half the battle.  To sell a horse efficiently, at the price you want, and to the right home, takes marketing.  Good marketing.  Flattering, honest conformation shots, photo and video that show off your horse's skills and personality, and beautiful portraits that make your ads stand out above the rest. 

That's where we come in. 

With skilled,  affordable, quality imaging of your horse, be it a just-weaned prospect or a finished upper-level performer, KEP is here to help your horse shine.  We work to create media that will appeal to riders, trainers, and professionals; years of industry familiarity and a diverse equestrian background puts KEP ahead of the game in marketing your horses - meaning you get ahead, too.  From tailored sessions with one or two services, to all-in media and marketing packages, KEP is proud to offer imaging and advertising that will save you time, money, and sanity!  Message us today to start planning your sessions! 


Conformation & Portraits

We believe every horse should be listed with photos that are not only flattering and eye-catching, but honest and informative for potential buyers.  Appeal to riders with beautiful portrait photos, and appeal to trainers and professionals with fully inclusive conformation photos they can trust - KEP has a strict editing policy for sales photos, with zero editing beyond color-correction, lead rope removal, and background correction to ensure your horse is the center of attention. 

Conformation Sessions start at $150
Consultations (virtual or in-person) available - $25

Under-Saddle & Motion

One of the most important things to see, for many equestrians in the market, is how the horse goes - not only the natural movement, but the gaits under saddle or in-hand, as well as the horse's disposition and personality.  Adequately capturing these pieces of your horse can elevate your advertising process and draw in potential buyers much faster!  We work with you to emphasize the qualities of your horse you want to express most, while also understanding what riders want to see and capturing exactly that.  

Natural Motion (un-ridden, pasture/arena, ideal for young horses, jump chutes, etc.) sessions - 20-30 minutes, starting at $175

Ridden Sessions (flat, over fences, on the trail, western/ranch performance, etc.) sessions - 20-30 minutes, starting at $195


All-Inclusive Marketing

Let us do the hard work for you!  We'll help you customize a multi-service package to include all the images of your horse a buyer could want. Conformation, gaits, jump form, under saddle, and portraiture - capture your horse's best looks and show off their skills and personality at the same time.  You can even consult with us when creating your ad!  Sales have never been easier.  Tailor your session to be exactly what you need, when you need it. 

Full service packages start at $295 - please inquire for full pricing details and information.

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