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Meet the Photographer

KCM Equine Photography is owned and operated by Kelsey McCarty and is located in Spokane, WA.  Kelsey is a long-time horsewoman, spending many years in the saddle and the stable.  The majority of her time has been spent in the English world, though she enjoys riding and photographing all disciplines! 

Growing up riding, showing, and grooming gave Kelsey a unique advantage to the world of equine photography, granting her a familiarity of the style, preferences, and routines. She in the process of training her OTTB, Olive (pictured,) for the hunter/jumper and eventing rings, and is also a riding instructor at a local facility. With additional experience in Western riding, a degree in Equine Science, and a collegiate riding team career, Kelsey is well-rounded in many aspects of the horse world and is confident in her ability to provide you with a knowledge-based, beautiful photography style. 

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