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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase my event photos? 
     Once the drafts have been uploaded on our gallery site, ( you can browse through your photos and select the ones you would like to purchase.  You can purchase either individual photos or larger package deals - packages available for 5, 10, 20, and  full albums.  Once payment is sent, your finalized photos will be uploaded into a private, personal album, where you will then be able to view, download, and purchase any prints you might want of your photos. 

What does the price for event photos cover? 
     The price you pay for the digital photos gives you full access to media-specific-resolution images with a small watermark from your show or event to view, save, and share with friends and family, as well as purchase prints.   The "full resolution" version gives you the same, but sans watermark and in, of course, full resolution.  This is the best option if you would like to print your own photos. These finalized photos will be cropped, straightened, and color-corrected prior to uploading, and additional edits such as removing background objects or spectators is available on most photos (on a case-by-case basis, as are additional fees.)  Most headshot photos can be edited into the black-background-style portrait for an additional fee.  Packages are also available for more than 5 digital image purchases.    


How should I prepare for a portrait session? 

      The best part of portrait sessions is that they're unique to every single horse and rider!  You can start getting ideas for posing, whether you want to be on the ground or in the saddle (or both!) and where you would like to take your portraits ahead of time.  I will likely be meeting you at your barn, which you'll have much more familiarity with than I will, so please let me know where your favorite spots for photos are!  If you're not sure, we can schedule a few extra minutes to do some exploring.   


How do I need to prepare my horse for a session?

      Horses should be groomed and tidy, and any tack should be cleaned ahead of time; things like stains on white coats can sometimes be edited out, but think of grooming for these sessions like preparing for a show - if you wouldn't show up to a competition like that, it might not be the best idea for portraits either.  With that being said, they are YOUR portraits, so if you love the way your pony is a little extra scruffy or your horse has a particularly wild mane you want expressed, that's totally up to you!  Just be aware that these portraits are usually only slightly touched up, so how your horse is presented will be how they look on camera.  
Many riders choose to braid their horses' manes and/or tails - this is absolutely fine, but you are by no means obligated to do so!  If you're unsure how to properly present your horse, or want help choosing the best braiding, trimming, or tack options for your horse, you may schedule a virtual or in-person consultation for a small fee prior to your session. 

      If your horse tends to be a bit "enthusiastic" before you work them, lunging or a quick ride before your session may be a good idea!  Just keep it light - sweat marks don't tend to make for very nice photos!  (We'll edit what we can for small marks, but try to avoid them - the more natural we can keep your portraits, the better they will look!) 

What should I wear for my session? 
     Riders/owners are welcome to dress however you like, though we will be following all guidelines posted by barns - if a barn requires all riders to wear helmets, you will either need to wear one for your mounted portraits or take all photos on the ground.   Different portrait packages allow for different # of outfit changes, so keep that in mind, and plan outfits ahead of time!  It may be beneficial to have an extra person with you to help hold horses, be the "attention getter" for pricked ears, or run for outfits/tack between shoots.  

How do we receive and view portrait photos? 

     Portrait photos will be fully edited and uploaded into a private online gallery to view and download from; these costs are included in your portrait session price.  Print purchase options will be available in this gallery as well.  You can either wait for the link to be sent to you to view your photos, or you can schedule an appointment to meet with me and view portraits to choose what you'd like to order prints of.  


Why should I print through KEP rather than doing it myself?
      There are plenty of options to print your photos, and I know the low prices of grocery store printers are appealing!  However, prints ordered through KEP are the ONLY prints where the quality is guaranteed.  Your photo will look just as good as it does online!  Since we don't have any control over outside printers, we can't offer you the same promise.  When you order through us, I personally examine every order for portraits to make sure they're exactly as they should be before sending them off to you (or hand-delivering, if you're local!) 


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