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Event Photography

     With KEP, we know how important it is to capture every part of your big day - your horse show, that is!  From the entry salute to the "we did it!" pats, (and yes, even your falls!) you can trust KEP to capture it all. 
     We firmly believe in keeping show photography affordable and accessible to everyone; you've spent enough to get there, quality photos shouldn't have to break the bank all on their own!  These memories with your four-legged partners will be treasured for a lifetime - our goal is to give that to every rider. 

     Public event pricing is as follows; please contact me for rates if you are interested in private show photography sessions.


- 1-4 Edited Photos: $20 each

- 5 Edited Photos: $85 

- 10 Edited Photos: $165

- Half/Full Album: Contact for pricing

-Black & White available by request, no additional cost

-Additional touch-ups available on a case-by-case basis (removal of background objects, spectators, etc.; black background)

*Session fees - no fee to photograph your session or rides if I am already at the event or if 4+ riders are scheduled 

- 1-3 riders, schooling session: $45 per hour​, $110 per day

- 1-3 riders, clinic session: $45 per ride

Fees are 100% credited towards digital edits of your photos - each fee is a "per rider" cost.  


What's Included

Public Events (Official Photographer)

- An organized album for every rider's show proofs - I aim to get at least one ride for every horse photographed, and most horses will receive 20-40 proofs in their album (varies on class quantity, availability) 

- Purchased photos will be color-corrected, straightened, and appropriately cropped.  Manure will be edited out, and distracting background objects (spectators, equipment, etc.) can be upon request (usually, at least, with minimal fees.)   

- Both proof and purchased photo albums will have options for creating a wide variety of prints, canvases, and metal art, as well as purchasable full- or web-resolution digitals, depending on package.

Private Show/Event/Lesson Sessions
*not available if OP

- Sorted very similar to public events.  Fees (or a portion of show session fees) will be credited towards photo purchases. 

- Private clients will often walk away with a few hundred photos available per rider!  Because of this, package deals are available for riders who wish to purchase quarter-, half-, or full-album edits of their images.

- Finalized edited albums will be created for each rider with their selected images, uploaded in beautiful full-resolution and free of watermarking.  Images will be available for product purchasing, digital downloading, and sharing from this album.  Excellent option for sale horses, professionals expanding their portfolio, or riders who love maximizing their photo value! 

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